Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Recent Work

 "Lilac Breeze"  Print 6 1/2 X 10    $25.00 Plus Shipping $10.00 USA only
 "Dianna's Sunlight"  Print  7 1/2 x 10   $25.00   Plus Shipping $10.00 USA only

Late Afternoon 

 "Delphinium Blues"  Print 7x10  $25.00 Plus Shipping $10.00 USA only 
"Lilac  Moments for Springtime"  Print 8 1/2 x 10 1/2  $25.00 Plus Shipping $10.00 USA only

1 comment:

  1. Hi Cindy,

    So, here I am checking in after several years hiatus from blogging, and it looks like you went to Italy and never came back! LOL... I hope you are doing well! It looks like from this blog (hopped here from your link in the other blog) you are at least home and doing some art (as of August). I'll bet "Puddin Toes" is half grown by now. ;) I always loved your pictures of her. I have been so glad to find that at least some of those I had connected with early on in my blogging adventure are still at it. I hope you are enjoying whatever you're doing these days. For a few years, Facebook seemed to take the place of blogging... but it is so "here today and gone tomorrow" as the posts just keep scrolling by. I am glad to be able to look back at my blog and see it as a sort of ongoing conversation/journal that I can revisit if I wish. So, I am giving it another shot.

    Many blessings,