Saturday, January 5, 2013

I had an interesting offer right after the holidays this year to join a group of local artist's .  They are committing for 30 days to do one piece of creative art work a day. Hence the name ART A DAY.  My first reaction was no way could I even imagine myself pulling this off.  Then as I thought about it  I eventually decided what the heck this may be the motivational factor I really need.  So here we go =)  My main goal is to try a bunch of different techniques and just let it rip.  I will hopeful gain some skills over the month and some good habits of creative disciple...haha that doesn't even sound like it goes together.  Creativity for me is usually a spur of the moment inspiration not a planned activity.
 I  did actually have an idea on how to do this and set myself up with 30 squares of masonite boards I had cut at my local Lowes.  (bless that young man's heart who so patiently made all my cuts for me on a very slow day)  Then I came home and sanded and gessoed and rabbit skinned glues some of my boards for oil paints and some for watercolors.

These are 5x9 little panels so I am limited right off the top... simplifying is also a challenge =)
 Day 1  oil 

Day 2  watercolor

Reference photo's by my good friend Nancy Richter at  Traveling Light
My goal is to do at least something 5 days a week.  So I will be playing catch up this weekend to get two more pieces done for this week.  I am not thrilled with what I am turning out, but as I keep telling my students it is the process of creativity we really need to value not just the outcome. 


  1. I love this idea Cindy :) I can't wait to see the rest of them!

  2. Interesting idea. I still have your 'basket of roses' on the wall at the side of my desk.

  3. This blog will be fun to follow, good for you!